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Vice President, Membership & Marketing

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Dale J. Venturini

Thank you for visiting the RI Hospitality Association (RIHA)! We are the official trade and educational organization that proudly represents Rhode Island’s hospitality, tourism, lodging and restaurant industries.

As we embark on our 55th anniversary in 2018, we are proud to share some impressive facts!

  • RIHA is the leading voice of Rhode Island’s most lauded industry.
  • We represent a workforce of more than 80,000 employees.
  • The hospitality industry is a top-five revenue generator in Rhode Island.
  • We are an industry of second chances.
  • Our membership is more than 700 strong.
  • We trained thousands of hospitality professionals in 2017 alone.
  • We are partnered with a number of local high schools to provide real-world training opportunities and career paths for the next generation of hospitality stars.

RIHA continues to be the leading voice of our industry, advocating for our members in legislative matters and in business, increasing awareness about important issues, and training the people of our state to work in hospitality and achieve meaningful careers.

We have had a tough few years battling what can only be termed “industry-defeating” legislation backed by out-of-state special interest groups. In 2017, we fought diligently for legislative compromise and were able to find middle ground because of the sensible approach by leadership in Rhode Island’s house and senate. And, while 2018 looks to be more of the same fight, it is also a calling card to membership to collectively step up for our industry.

As a non-profit, we cannot outspend our opposition. However, together, we absolutely can make a difference. Don’t think someone else will take care of an issue that directly affects your business. You have too much to lose.

2018 is the year of hospitality! Please take the time to make a difference this year; together, we can accomplish anything.

We look forward to an incredible 2018!

Dale J. Venturini
Rhode Island Hospitality Association