Green Certification Program

The Green Certification Program is a partnership between the RI Hospitality Association and the RI Department of Environmental Management. This is a voluntary self-certification program to assist business in the Hospitality sector with attaining green performance standards, implementing best management practices, and complying with environmental regulatory requirements.

In order to apply for Green Certification you must complete the correct workbook below. You can contact the Department of Environmental Management at any time for advice and assistance completing your workbook.

Department of Environmental Management

Office of Technical & Customer Assistance
Rhode Island Hospitality Green Certification Program
235 Promenade Street
Providence, RI 02908-5767

Ron Gagnon:
Telephone: 401-222-4700 ext. 7500

Please use below links to our most up-to-date workbooks:

  • Hotel Workbook.pdf
  • Non Hotel Restaurant Workbook.pdf
  • Restaurant Workbook.pdf
  • Transportation Workbook.pdf

Training Presentations:

  • Water Use Reduction Case Studies
  • Construction Waste Management
  • National Grid Rebates for Energy Projects
  • Saving Energy & Reducing Costs
  • Waste Reduction for RI Hospitality
  • How to Reduce Water Use in RI Hotels and Restaurants

For more information please visit: RI Department of Environmental Management